Human Behaviour. Codified.

Turning your conversation data into great customer outcomes.

Alitical is an advanced analytics firm; using data, AI and conversation intelligence to eke out those final human performance gains.

Our mission is to unlock the unknown insight burried within your sales, CX and team meeting conversations and to use this to deliver an uplift in performance across NPS, revenue and employee engagement.


Our methodology

We established Alitical to identify what top performers do differently; and ensure organisations can use this insight to improve and out-perform the competition.

To deliver results, we follow a structured process that gives leadership teams the behavioural insight, technology and performance management tools to drive capabilities.


Start with the why?

Clarity of vision and purpose is essential to ensure the intervention has the biggest impact possible

Insights to actionable intelligence

Shiny graphs don’t drive performance. We provide clarity on the behaviors that will make the biggest impact


Embedding capability

Award winning instructional designers work with you to institutionalise the behaviours. Working with your leadership team, we implement strategies and behaviours that deliver better outcomes for your organisation.


AI augmented humans

We use a combination of behavioural and conversation science, supported by an AI analytics engine to uncover what’s truly going on.

Bringing world-leading experts is a key part

We bring a finely curated team. Each is an expert in their field; from conversation scientists, multi-award winning designers, AI engineers with brains the size of a planet;  and published sales coaches and authors.  

Chris McKibbin
Technology Advisor

Chris is an expert in emerging AI and HR tech; and continually challenges us to evolve and incorporate the latest technology innovations. Chris has been instrumental in shaping our portfolio offering and ensuring we deliver real outcomes for our clients and is part of our advisory board.

Dr. Janet Curran
Associate Research Director

Dr. Curran is a research specialist and verbal behavioural expert. Her key consulting area of focus is helping organisations optimise the way they interact; be that in customer service; sales – or in the new remote reality of Teams and Zoom meetings. Janet leads Alitical meeting culture codification practice and has a special interest in understanding the psychological safety and wellness needs of employees in the world they have been thrust into.

Professor Liz Stokoe Academic Advisor

Elizabeth Stokoe is a British scientist and Professor of Social Interaction at Loughborough University where she studies conversation analysis. Some of her research underpins the 'Conversation Analytic Role-play Method', a technique for communication training that she has developed. Liz acts in an advisory capacity for Alitical and helps shape our most complex human research projects.

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Andrew Moorhouse
Director of Consulting

Andrew is the founder of Alitical and brings a deep expertise in the codification of human behaviour and is driven to determine what top performers do differently. He is a guest lecturer at Cranfield University, where he teaches the MBA cohort a module on designing a management consulting intervention.

Doug Overton
Associate Director of Analytics

Doug brings 25-years of data science expertise, with a consulting speciality in Customer Journey Design, Digital Transformation, Omnichannel Assessments and CX transformation. He is our resident AI guru and is the go to guy for turning the creative ideas into a tech reality.

Henry Lee Advanced Instructional Designer

Emerging Science & Management Skill of maximising engagement, collaboration and productivity within today’s workplace. She is a key member of the design team and has helped companies such as Cisco, Legal and General, Capita and Yum maintain a workplace fit for purpose in today’s quicksilver environment.

Tim Chapman
Associate Director of Coaching

Tim is a multi-published sales author, coach and formerly one of Vodafone’s leading KAMs across Europe. His expertise is in the behaviours underpinning complex B2b selling and sales leadership. He teaches at a leading UK business school where he designed one of the first MBA programmes for sales management

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